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Does Islam believe in a blood-thirsty Messiah?

Islam rejects the concept of a bloody Messiah. The Holy Quran states that any “Messenger is only responsible for the clear conveying of the Message” (29:19). This verse demonstrates that each prophet is sent to simply convey a message and cannot resort to force.

The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa foretold the advent of a Messiah in the latter days of Islam. But in misrepresenting the words of the Holy Prophet, some Muslims believe that the Messiah will literally break crosses and literally kill swine—destroying anyone who opposes him. Contrary to these misrepresentations, Islam recognizes that the Messiah may only use logical reasoning and powerful arguments, never violence, to illustrate the true teachings of Islam. Likewise, Islam recognizes that the Messiah can never attempt to bring harm to those who do not accept Islam.

According to extremists, the alleged bloody Messiah will literally exterminate all swine. Islam recognizes that this is a metaphorical prophecy to signify that the Messiah would exterminate uncouth and impure conduct. Throughout the history of mankind, no prophet of God ever engaged in the bloody feats that extremists attribute to the second coming of the Messiah. The real task assigned to the awaited Messiah in this prophecy was to lovingly guide mankind away from inhumane behavior.

That is why Islam teaches that the awaited Messiah will be a peaceful prophet. He will rid the world of injustice and misguided beliefs through rational and logical arguments—not violence. This belief is in exact accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa:

I swear by Him Who has my life in His hand that the Son of Mary will indeed descend among you, and he will arbitrate with justice. (Bukhari)

Therefore, Islam rejects the concept of a bloody Messiah because it is a concept wholly contradictory to Islam and the Holy Quran.

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