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Know Islam, Become Muslim at 74th Annual Convention at Richmond, Virginia

Important Annoucement

Experience the warmth of our hospitality and brotherhood. Come and join us at Richmond, Virginia on the annual convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The primary purpose of our annual convention is to promote spirituality, brotherhood, and the teachings of Islam. It typically includes speeches, lectures, prayers, and other religious activities, as well as social interactions among members. Jalsa Salana events are held in various countries where Ahmadiyya Muslim communities exist, and they often attract large numbers of participants from around the world.
We encourage new Muslims and those who wants to learn about Islam to attend the full three day program which will spiritually charge you and bring you more closer to Allah the Almighty. The program starts with Friday prayers on 28th June and will end on 30th June Sunday. You can attend all or you can attend any day you wish. We strongly recommend to participate in our special guest reception on Saturday 29th June and participate in the interactive dialog with open questions answers session about Islam and God.
We have limited free accomodation available. If you need accomodation to stay then please let us know and we would be happy to assist you.

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